Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Business Reporter for the Sunday Telegraph

This is an image I did for the cover of Business Reporter in the Sunday Telegraph the other week. 


  1. Nice one Allan. Is the line pencil or digital?
    If pencil do you vectorize your line if you need to scale up the illustration?

  2. Thanks for the comment Marko. The line is pencil , I just make sure that I scan the line drawing big enough and work larger than I need to. That means I can only scale it up to a certain extent but I'm happy with that limitation. I don't think I could retain this line quality with a vector image.

  3. Good to know. I've tried doing drawings bigger but it's never the same as scanning a smaller drawing. Tricky one. Photoshop pencil is never quite the same either.

  4. Yep, I'm not a fan of the Photoshop pencil tool. Personally I like to keep paper and pencil as part of my process. It might cause a few issues when it comes to scaling up but I'm happier with the end product and much prefer working that way. Thanks again for checking out my blog.